“When one teaches, two learn.”

- R Heinlein

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Looking back, different limbs of yoga have always run through my life. As a child I began my journey as a protector of animals, caring for local strays and wildlife. In college, I became a vegetarian, traveled, and found myself interested in spiritual practices of other cultures. As an adult, I worked to bring peace and shelter to children and families in their communities. Along the way, I have experienced several styles of asana practice and I love how each of them offer a unique way to join mind, body and spirit. I believe there is yoga for everyone and I am filled with joy to be at Know Yoga Know Peace where I can share and encourage others on their journeys.

Rick - KYKP Yoga Studio in Bloomington, Indiana, IN - Hot Yoga - Ghosh Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa, Meditation


Yoga has had a huge impact in my life. After running for many years I had to stop because of injuries. For four years I couldn't find anything that compared to the feeling I got from running. I had given up on ever feeling that good ever again. I thought we all have to get old someday, now it’s my turn. Reluctantly I came to a hot Bikram class figuring what do I have to lose. To say the least I was totally blown away. I felt like I had ran five miles. And I also felt like I had got a massage. I knew I had found something amazing and something I would do for the rest of my life. I can do things that I used to do in Junior High again. No longer do I have leg or back pain. It has been an awesome journey and I look forward to possibly helping others find something as rewarding as yoga has been for me.

Joanna - KYKP Yoga Studio in Bloomington, Indiana, IN - Hot Yoga - Ghosh Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa, Meditation


Joanna has been practicing both Bikram and vinyasa oriented yoga since 2012. She became RYS-200 certified in 2015 while working with the wonderful teachers at Expand Yoga in Tacoma, WA - eventually teaching and volunteering at a variety of studios in WA. Currently, Joanna is a PhD student in English and Rhetoric at Indiana University and enjoys working with students in all classrooms, both on and off the mat. She attempts to imbue all aspects of her life with the value of practice, and hopes to see you at KYKP soon!



My journey started when I found Laura walking through the animal shelter. I knew we belonged together the first time I saw her. Before then I was not handled with care and kindness. As a result, I need my space so I can move around the world without fear. Laura and I have taught each other about love and trust. At the studio, I can teach you how to throw a ball with passion, love from a distance with patience and a perfect downward dog. I hope to see you at the studio! Woof Love Forever.

Kate - KYKP Yoga Studio in Bloomington, Indiana, IN - Hot Yoga - Ghosh Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa, Meditation


My story begins 5 years ago in a Bikram Yoga studio and it was love at first sweat. I was instantly struck by how the practice seemed to quiet the mind. I loved the instant bond with other students and how the yoga demystified all our broken parts and the healing we were all seeking became empowering and no longer shameful. There are a lot of different teams represented in the yoga room. There's team busted knee, team slipped disc / spinal injury / sciatica sufferer, team dancer / super bendy for whom yoga is a natural progression of their interests and then there are the completely-in-the-head teams: team addict / team OCD / team depressed, etc. The yoga room is amazing because you can be on a few different teams at once if you want (the teams aren't exclusive!) and winning means something entirely different in this space. The yoga is nothing short of a miracle.

I did my Hot Yoga training in NYC at Yoga To The People in early 2014 followed shortly thereafter by a 200hr RYS in Vinyasa, also at YTTP. It is my intention as a yoga teacher to invite students to have their own individual experience on the yoga mat. For one student, growth could mean obtaining the strength and balance to stand on one leg after weeks and months of wobbling and shaking in the first part of standing-forehead-to-knee. For the student who pushes total exhaustion class after class and hits a wall, their break through could be finding the grace and compassion to rest or dial back. Both eventualities are beautiful and relevant to the process. I am so excited to be at Know Yoga Know Peace! See you all on your yoga mat.

Allison - KYKP Yoga Studio in Bloomington, Indiana, IN - Hot Yoga - Ghosh Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa, Meditation


Allison Distler is a certified Rolfer™, yoga teacher, and group process leader.   She started her yoga journey in an apprenticeship program with Lynda Mitchell (of Bloomington) in 2008 and began teaching prenatal yoga soon after.  Over the years, she grew a love for subtle, deep, embodied Hatha-based practice which led her to the practice of Yin Yoga and Somatic Movement. She is a current student of Body Mind Centering® in the somatic movement educator program.  Outside of her yoga and Rolfing practice, she is a certified writing circle facilitator through Women Writing for (a) Change Bloomington and a graduate of the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy (CFLA 2013). She enjoys taking time, full breaths, and slowing down – especially the nervous system.  Her joy is nature, bodywork, and teaching segments of embodied learning at retreats, yoga teacher trainings, and in mindfulness-based self study circles.

Millaze - KYKP Yoga Studio in Bloomington, Indiana, IN - Hot Yoga - Ghosh Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa, Meditation


Millaze (Emily Plazek) moved to Btown in 2017, to a house one block from KYKP, and she immediately found a home here. She came from Pittsburgh where she was a cycling, kickboxing, and steps and reps aerobics instructor for the YMCA - she turned to yoga because she couldn’t quite put a finger on why her body and mind weren’t at peak operations, especially with so much cardio and strength training. This is where she learned about what rest actually means for the body and mind, and how some zones on the body become can psychosomatically numb from overuse injury or mental denial. Yoga was a whole new fitness beginning for Millaze, this time integrating the subtle (not forceful) power of the mind - especially in her studies of the philosophical sides of yoga with fellow yoga teacher Heather, and her training with studio owner Laura.

Millaze incorporates her yoga philosophy and asana studies into her work as a piano dreamhop music artist with her company MIC: Music Industry Connected, where she helps musicians create music careers through a business model called "The Mountain". Also, her love of dogs but lack of owning one makes her a passionate puppy-babysitter on Rover - so keep her in mind if you have a small dog in Btown that would like some love while you're on vacation.

Dan - KYKP Yoga Studio in Bloomington, Indiana, IN - Hot Yoga - Ghosh Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa, Meditation


I first entered the hot room about 7 years ago at a Bikram studio in Queens, NY. I was taken with the intensity of the moving meditation. The practice provides access to the spiritual through the physical. I would often feel pushed to my limits during class, but I would always survive and the sense of empowerment that gave me was amazing. In the hot room, I discovered the strength to find sobriety, the ability to face my internal struggles, and the control with which to breathe. As an instructor I am a guide and each student is their own true teacher. I am there to assist the individual in their journey to self-empowerment.

After training at Yoga To The People in New York City I taught the hot series in Manhattan and Brooklyn at the YTTP studios. I have also been able to teach at studios in North Carolina. I take class wherever I travel and I have found my most recent yoga home at Know Yoga Know Peace where I look forward to sharing my perspective with our community.

Christin - KYKP Yoga Studio in Bloomington, Indiana, IN - Hot Yoga - Ghosh Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa, Meditation


Yoga started out as an enjoyable way to move my body and feel the effects of exercise. After a while, I began to notice it was doing much more than giving me a good workout. I was experiencing greater happiness, less stress, and a deeper spiritual connection growing within myself. I was working through past trauma, and seeing the world in a brand new light. These things happened right under my nose, and when I figured out the root of this new awareness of mine, I started incorporating yoga into my everyday life! This led me to obtain a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Certification, which I hope to use to spread this joy to more people. The wisdom and bliss that we may obtain through movement, breath, and awareness is such a joy to behold. The best part: anyone can do it! We all have access to this beautiful light inside us. Too often we are being told, blatantly or subconsciously, that we are not enough. Yoga challenges this framework of mind. You ARE enough! Right here, right now, as you are. These wonderful skills we learn on our mat can be taken away and used off of it, bringing an incredible amount of peace into our lives. When we practice, we begin to heal. When we work to live life through love and kindness, we can truly change the world. We’ll change the world one breath at a time.