Non Heated yet never cold !

 This class awakens our body moving us from the ground up.

This class suitable and beneficial for all levels of yogis, including beginners! Each class is a blend of breath, motion, stillness, linear and non-linear poses. We’ll take a mindful pace for whole body balance, strength, and clarity of mind.

 Vinyasa Heat

 60 minutes at 85-90 Degrees

 Vinyasa is frequently considered a "flow" class due to the constant body movement

using the breath to guide the practitioner.  Each movement is driven by a single breath,

moving through interconnected postures, like the ebb and flow of water.  The student

 can expect a lot of movement, with the body flowing through each asana being paired

with each inhale and exhale.  Each class may vary widely since there is no permanent or set list of asanas.  Be prepared to sweat and to challenge your mental ability to remain focused on your breath,

but to most of all, have fun !

Re Storative:

Re Store...Re New...Re Align

Like a garden our bodies need to be cultivated...restorative yoga works at the level of soil, the foundation. In its practice we nourish and realign our systems using time and gravity as it's main allies. This practice is designed to awaken the functions of the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the 'feel good and be well' part of our nervous system and also is responsible for the regulation of our organs and glandular systems.

There will be fewer postures held for longer amounts of time, using simple props to deepen our relationship with gravity and to open the ripe conditions for allowance.

 14 Student Limit....please sign up at studio, email kykpbtown@gmail.com or call 812.822.1101 to reserve your spot

Restorative with Oils~additional $5 cash please

Essential Oils will be applied while you are finding renewal in your postures

Please refer to schedule for this class offering

 14 Student Limit....please sign up at studio, email kykpbtown@gmail.com or call 812.822.1101 to reserve your spot

Hatha Flow  6 AM Tues.Thurs

to awaken the body and center the mind  

Mindful breathing as one builds to dynamic asanas while practicing towards a calmer more focused mind~'setting up your day'


Jai Vinyasa 

(Jai: O hail, victory to) O hail vinyasa!

This is a faster-paced vinyasa flow class that will challenge and revive. Enjoy a deep moving meditation as you flow through sun salutations and sequences. This class will leave you feeling joyous, accomplished, and victorious!

Practiced yogis encouraged, all levels welcome!


60 Minute & 90 Minute sessions

This class is for all: beginners and seasoned yogis.


HoT Yoga is practiced in a room heated above body temperature with humidity. 

While this set sequence will enhance your strength and flexibility, it will also detoxify every gland and organ while working every system in the body.   Enjoy how your practice can blossom into an active meditation bringing better focus and clarity to one's mind.

 Leave feeling refreshed, renewed and vibrant.

 ~words seem to come up short to explain Bikram's Yoga, one must  practice  'see' how this yoga works~




Heated Set Sequence designed for transformation, potency and confidence. Begin the practice seated, moving up through standing ending in bridge pose to wheel. The more you practice this guided sequence, the more it becomes an active meditation. 

HoT Hatha:

Blending heat-90 Degrees- with a variety of asanas ranging from light to challenging emphasizing alignment, breathing and finding each pose is a meditation. Deepen your yoga practice, calm your mind and open your heart.


1 Hour 92-95 Degrees 

Traditional Hatha Raja Yoga

Practicing Pranyama to Surya Namaskara to inversions

practicing balance and highlighting upper body strength 

be prepared to sweat, breathe and smile

Flow to find strength, release and  peace



85-90 degrees. 
This class will blend traditional Sivananda hatha with powerful vinyasa sequences. In this energizing and relaxing practice, we will start with centering our minds and connecting with our bodies through breath awareness and pranayama. Next, we will move through limbering postures and sun salutations to open our bodies and begin to create beneficial core heat in preparation for our vinyasa flow. 
Our flowing sequences will be dynamic and will challenge us to call upon our balance, strength, flexibility always connecting each movement with our breath. 

Trance Dance:

Trance dance is a freeform monthly ecstatic dance happening.

Trance dance, ecstatic dance, or tribal movement has been around for many thousands of years and has been practiced as a form of helaing in many ancient cultures.

We take great measures to create a safe space for expression, and our community is based on the foundation of goodwill.

For many people we recognize this is a leap and so your courage is honored.

$15 drop in


Tel: 812-822-1101


between 6th & 7th
234 N. Morton
Bloomington, Indiana 47404

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